Why our GPTravel vacation packages work?

One of the main reasons that our GPTravel vacations work is our excellence in customer service. Our gay luxury packages are without doubt some of the best in Peru. Our years of combined experience in all areas mean that we can offer this experience our valued clients.

Our clients can choose what places they want to visit and combine different excursions and we will offer the luxury to go along with that. Over the past years the luxury gay travel market has grown in Peru so the choice of tours is endless. Your private luxury tour will combine your own guides and transport, why not make your own itineraries or choose one of our designed itineraries the choice.

1.The GPTravel client is one who enjoys the finer things in life from all age groups. Couples are the largest group of clients who want to see Peru with GPTravel. People who want to make their own itineraries and are attracted by the quality we offer. Luckily we live in a world full of people who are curious and have a desire to discover new cultures.
2.Whatever way you choose to travel we here at GPT have what you need to make the perfect holiday and it will be our pleasure to help you make the perfect luxury trip in a gay friendly environment.
3.Our mantra of high quality, value for money and flexibility allow us to offer you the best possible holiday. Working with this mantra we receive many positive comments on our work and we are proud to continue to serve.
4.If you want more information about GPTravel and our tours, please call us at and we will be happy to discuss your travel needs.

How to reserve

To confirm a reservation we require a deposit of 50% of the price of the tour, the balance will need to be paid 30 days before the start date of your tour. At this time we will send you an invoice, booking form, which needs to be completed and the Terms and Conditions of the company.

You can pay by bank transfer, debit card, credit card. We accept personal credit cards but all credit card have a fee attached (Visa 4.45%, MasterCard 4%). Debit cards have a fee attached (4%). We are not capable of accepting cash.

When we confirm your reservation you will receive a receipt together with a copy of your itinerary, how to pay and an information package about your tour.

There are some important considerations before you reserve your holiday with GPTravel:
1.The most part of our holidays are for all ages, but they do require a reasonable level of fitness. Some of the excursions will require walking, some walking on uneven paths, some walks at high altitude require a little extra effort. If you have any doubt please contact us.
2.Vaccinations are recommended for some regions of South America, in particular yellow fever and malaria. Please consult your doctor or traveller medical center for advice. Please consult your local consulate for advice on visa requirements for all South American countries, different nationalities have different visa requirements.
3.When you make a reservation you will a need a Passport with at least 6 month validity on your return date. If you are travelling on a passport from the United States of America please check with immigration in your country.

Travel safe in Peru

Our object at GPTravel is to help our client protect your investment. We know that during your trip you may experience not only gratification but also other things may occur that are not planned.
At GPTravel your travel will totally personal and designed just for your travels.

Your health

Also your health is very important to us… keeping well while in Peru is something that is at the top of our list of priorities. Nobody wants to travel to a foreign country and spend money on tours etc. to be sick. For the most part it is not difficult to keep healthy, it only takes a little common sense, most of the sickness you will encounter are preventable. Drinking only bottled water will prevent most stomach problems, washing your hands before eating, sunscreen when going outside, insect repellent and long sleeve clothing to avoid being bitten are also good ways to prevent getting sick.
However, if you have other concerns like exposure to tropical diseases, altitude sickness, seas sickness or anything else, it is best to visit your own doctor. We recommend that you see your travel health center at least eight weeks before you travel to Peru, as you may need a course of medications or more than one vaccination.
We are only too happy to help with advise on how to stay well but advise from a health care professional is always the best course. They will have information on all the regions that you wish to travel to.

Your belongings

As in any city in the world you will need to take care of your belongings, flashing expensive jewelry or cameras or phones will only bring you trouble. It is always a good idea to leave your money and valuables in the hotel safe and only take what is necessary. Once again common sense is the way to go.

Luxury Experiences

GPT will create your perfect trip by listening to you and your needs; we understand your travel dreams so we can create your perfect itinerary. Whether it is a special occasion or just an adventure we will help, you plan your vacation.

We want to exceed your expectations.