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How to Visit the Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca route is one of the many wonders that make up the Andean country. Peru is far more than Machu Picchu, and any Peruvian or experimented traveler can prove it. Since its discovery, the different images have attracted scientists and archaeologists for many years. Many people from all over the world decide to go to Peru not only to visit Machu Picchu but also to enjoy these mysterious geoglyphs. We have spent many years on private and luxury travel, and we know that these beautiful geographical indications will make a deep impression. That’s why with the experts of Gay Peru Travel, we have made a small article about how to visit the Nazca Lines the right way.

Useful things to know before you visit the Nazca Lines


visit the nazca lines about

The Nazca Lines are numerous geoglyphs made on the canvas of the Nazca Desert. From simple lines to geometric and animal forms. Some of these figures extend to 1,200 feet and can be very large and notorious. One of their attractions is all the mystery surrounding them. Although these geographical glyphs are old, they were only discovered in the 20th century. Because of its discovery, Nazca’s theories about its origin and creation began to emerge in large numbers. Nevertheless, the best way to experience these beautiful lines is to enjoy them on a plane trip.


visit the nazca lines about theories

Due to the number, size, nature, and continuity of figures and lines to this day, the Nazca Line Map is one of the greatest mysteries in archaeology. Why these lines and figures were constructed by ancient cultures is still the focus of discussion among anthropologists, archaeologists, and ethnologists. The debate revolves around many Nazca line theories, some sound far-fetched, while others seem more reasonable. One of the most convincing theories is that these lines are probably related to some kind of water worshipping. The Peruvian archaeologist John Isla pointed out that the intricate irrigation system of the Nazca people is evidence that these desert residents have established an intimate and even worshipful relationship with water. If you want to put together your theories or corroborate some of the existing ones, it is recommended that you visit them on your own. We believe that flying over the lines can be one of the best alternatives for trips for couples.


why visit the nazca lines

Like many other wonders in the world and Peru’s archaeological treasures, the Nazca Lines are not guaranteed to exist forever. Due to climate and some other human factors, these Peru destinations can easily disappear from our lives. Large-scale urbanization and constant road construction endanger this amazing piece of art.
Over the years, archaeologists and scientists have been arguing about the different geoglyphs, which has led to many theories. Some of these theories are more accepted by scientists, while others delve into theoretical scenarios that cannot be proved. The different images date back from 200 BC and took hundreds of years to finish them. Some scholars even believe that this was done by two different groups at different times. The different Nazca lines images vary greatly in size, shape, and graphic complexity. But among all the different lines, geometric images, and animal shapes, the latter ones are the most popular figures. So if you want to visit the Nazca Lines, you should start organizing right now.


how to get to visit the nazca lines

To get to the lines you can take a bus from Lima or just take one of the many tours in Peru. To see them, you only need to organize a Nazca route trip with any operator or travel agent, which can facilitate travel and flight on well-known routes. You can talk to some of our advisors to guide you through all the necessary organizations. The best way to see the Nazca Lines is from the air, although if you have a limited budget, you can also try to look at it from the ground on a watchtower, the experience can’t compare.


visit the nazca lines research

It makes no sense to visit the Nazca Lines without at least a little research on these compelling geoglyphs. The local museum (Casa-Museo Maria Reiche) and the Antonio Museum (Museo Antonini) are excellent local museums. They provide detailed information about the ancient Nazca civilization and some possible motives for drawing the different lines. The airport itself also has a museum worth seeing. Also, the tour on the lines can be a great option as a romantic getaway from Lima. What are you waiting for to experience one of the best couple vacations in Peru?


tips to visit the nazca lines

If you are planning to visit the Nazca Lines, there are only two options to view the route-take a plane or climb a nearby observation tower. Undoubtedly, flying is the first choice because it allows a bird’s-eye view of the most important etchings. It is worth mentioning that this 20-minute flight includes many sharp turns, which can make passengers feel sick. Within our Peru travel tips, we recommend buying some anti-nausea pills from your local pharmacy and try not to eat any big meals for a few hours after takeoff. It is best to leave early in the morning because there are less turbulence and high visibility. Dare to experience one of the best adventure tours with us!


We hope this information about the Nazca lines has been useful to you. Together with Gay Peru Travel, we look forward to your early visit to the beautiful Nazca desert. To organize your next flight over the lines, you have to speak with our qualified advisers.

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