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Cusco City, Peruvian Gastronomy

Best restaurants in Cusco

It’s not a surprise that Peru has gained worldwide recognition as one of the world’s leading culinary hotspots. The exquisite Peruvian cuisine has been mixing flavors in a very balanced way. This is one of the reasons why Peruvian cuisine stands out. Thus, for a unique culinary experience that embodies pleasure, the Inca city offers the best selection of restaurants in Cusco. Here are some of the top restaurants.


restaurants in cusco chicha

Its name due to the Peruvian ancient corn beer. Chicha is one of the most vaunted restaurants in Cusco not only for its sophisticated dishes but also for being owned by Peru’s award-winner celebrity chef Gaston Acurio.

Chicha has the perfect location for luxury tours, it overlooks Plaza Regocijo. You will enjoy the exquisite Peruvian cuisine from a nice balcony. Beautiful, isn’t? You can try the trout Ceviche, the tender Grilled Octopus, the famous Cuy Chactado (guinea pig) or the classic Peruvian specialty, the Lomo Saltado. In fact, one of the best in town.


restaurants in cusco limo

Limo is a chic, minimalist and contemporary place located in the heart of Cusco. Its colonial architecture boasts a charming view of Cusco’s picturesque central plaza.

Limo’s specialty is the Peruvian-Asian seafood e.g. Sushi, Tiradito -Peruvian version of Sashimi- and Trucha Yamimono -grilled trout covered in Andean chili sauce-. Also, it offers a vast selection of innovative and unbeatable cocktails. It makes Limo the place of the most outstanding mixology of piscos in town. In other words, Limo is a must!


restaurants in cusco pachapapa

Before or after your tour to Machu Picchu, you definitely must visit this rustic place. Its specialty is the traditional Andean cuisine which mixes the most exquisite Peruvian traditional flavors in a charming atmosphere. Some of the Peruvian dishes you can try here are Oven-fried trout, Anticucho de Alpaca – skewers of alpaca meat macerated in local spices- and the most popular one, Cuy – whole-roasted guinea pig marinated with a red pepper sauce.

Pachapapa is located in the bohemian and cozy district of San Blas. It’s an open courtyard that is warmed by outside heaters and an enormous clay oven. After reading all of this, you must be hungry… Peru counts with a vast list of restaurants in Cusco but for more details, you must travel to Peru and discover them by yourself!

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