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Top 10 reasons to plan a private tour in Peru

Everyone has a preferred travel style, this can be a private, public, cheap, or luxury experience. But there are ways of traveling that are more private or particular to the passenger. You don’t need to embark on an adventure with a large group, there are many more personal options like private tours. These are purely programmed so that the passenger has a complete and tailor-made itinerary. Many times you will find pre-programmed trips that are quite good, but you can make your trip at a small additional cost. Therefore, together with Gay Peru Travel, we have prepared the 10 best reasons to plan a private tour in Peru.

When we talk about personalized or private trips, these can be in the palm of your hand. Tour companies, tour operators and other agencies offer these services all the time. It is a matter of talking to an advisor to start seeing with him the basic services, destinations, and attractions that you are looking for and want to enjoy. We will give you professional advice so you can have a trip with the most complete available. This way, you can visit all of the most important destinations. You will be able to enjoy the true essence of Peru while experiencing the main attractions and other ways of touring the beautiful Andean country.



private tour in peru interaction with cultures

Many Peru destinations… you can have contact with the culture that surrounds these beautiful places. Visit alternative indigenous tribes in the Amazon or simply meet the people who live in the cities. Still, you will notice how all the people are friendly with tourists and foreigners. Everyone is willing to help you with any questions you need. And remember that no matter how good the guide is, nobody can tell you better about the places than the locals themselves.


Peru is a country full of history, no matter where you are traveling, all its corners hide an incredible and beautiful history behind. Practically, every city will be adorned with beautiful stories. In all the tours in Peru, you will be able to know its history as you go around and visit the different points and tourist attractions. And in our private tours, you will have qualified and personal guides who will be attentive to all your doubts and queries.


private tour in peru personalized experience

Every private tour you experience will have a personal touch that is incomparable to group tours. Everyone who organizes the tour will pay attention to your needs, queries, and much more. You will get exactly what you ask for, adapting the route to suit you.


Unlike group tours, being in a private one has its benefits. It will be much more flexible than a group tour. You can go at your own pace and if you want to take rest days or any other reason, it can be done and taken into account. Our team will advise and contain you against any inconvenience, but always with the mentality of avoiding problems and making your trip a perfect one with our many Peru travel tips.


private tour in peru solo travel

One of the great benefits of private tours is that certain attractions and hiking trails can be done on your own with a guide. You don’t need to be among a crowd of people when you can do it on your own and at your own speed. Except for Machu Picchu or some other attractions, you can travel certain adventure tours or cultural tours on your own.


The important thing about these tours is that they are very easy to request. It is not necessary to fill infinite forms. It is a matter of communicating with us through telephone or email to take your main data and that of the travelers. In your call or email, you indicate that you want a private tour in Peru and we will respond with a tailor-made itinerary.


When you are on a private tour in Peru you will not need extra equipment. The operator or agency will provide you with the necessary equipment for hiking or other adventure tours. You will have space to carry more batteries for your camera and more time to take those incredible photos offered by the diverse landscapes of Peru.


private tour in peru titicaca

Regarding price, the private tour in Peru will depend a lot on how many destinations you want to visit, what attractions you want to visit, and in what method you want to transport yourself. These tours usually carry much more logistics than group tours because everything will focus on the needs of the group or person. Because of this, it may carry some additional but worthy costs.


Every tourism company seeks to increase its profits by adding more people to tourist groups. But a personal tour will give a much more human feeling with your guide, allowing you to learn much better about the places you visit.


private tour in peru destinations colca canyon

The good thing about Peru is that it has numerous landscapes and destinations to enjoy. And you can do it while enjoying a Honeymoon in Peru or simply celebrating life. All destinations will be at your fingertips to choose and experience them on a tailor-made tour.


Together with Gay Travel Peru, we hope we have inspired you to try a private tour with us. We can help you make one to suit you, your budget, and your need. You do not have to bend to the needs of the group, you can enjoy your vacation as you want.

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