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Travel Tips in Peru

Peru Travel Tips to Know Before You Visit

If you are about to start a trip to Peru, we have some incredible tips for you to enjoy to the fullest with your partner or alone. It is in Peru where you can have fun, enjoy a delicious meal, and even experience one of the best nights in all of South America. Not only are their meals incredible, but their different cocktails are also exceptional. You will be able to enjoy unique attractions longed for by many adventurers. And you can even experience 5-star hotels with all the comforts and facilities one expects. For this reason, together with Gay Peru Travel, we have endeavored to prepare some Peru Travel Tips.



peru travel tips basic words

It is a good idea to learn some words from the native language. Although English is an increasingly dominated language throughout the world, many locals do not usually manage it well. Some even continue to use the ancient Quechua language. So it doesn’t hurt to at least learn a few sentences or words for basic services. It is not necessary to start an accelerated Spanish course… today, there are many applications that are very useful. If you plan to spend your honeymoon in Peru, it would also be a good idea to bring a pocket bilingual dictionary. In the same way, in the majority of exclusive tourist services and hotels, everyone will be able to understand and respond appropriately.

Besides, you have to take into account that within Peru there are many typical words of the country, which in other countries of the continent may not have the same meaning. To give you an example, we can name these:

  • Chela = Beer
  • Pata = Friend
  • Choro = Thief
  • Chifa = Chinese food
  • Bacán = Cool / Wow
  • Jato = House
  • Huasca = Drunk

These are just some examples of traditional words that you can find within Peru, but there are many more that you will surely learn with your Peruvian friends. This is one of the best Peru Travel Tips.


peru travel tips documents copies

You have to be cautious when you are in a new country. The Andean country is quite safe in terms of its tourists. It must be taken into account that one of the main economic inputs in Peru is tourism. But this does not prevent minor crimes such as theft at the many Peru destinations. So, an excellent idea is to have copies of your main documents and credit or bank cards. Leave the originals in your hotel or in your bags while you are on tours or outside. This way, in case of any inconvenience, you will be fully covered.


peru travel tips altitude sickness

In some places like Cusco and Machu Picchu, it is very normal to suffer from altitude sickness because they are several meters above sea level. But there is no need to worry, there are various methods and treatments to alleviate the general discomfort that this affliction causes. Many Peru travel tips recommend chewing coca leaves, drinking coca tea, and even resorting to medications such as Sorojchipill. But if this is not enough, some exclusive hotels offer air tanks in case the condition becomes too heavy. It is recommended that during the first day you do not make much physical effort and do not eat as abundant. Anyway, most people do not have major problems.


peru travel tips try new things food

One of the best things about traveling is being able to try new things. And within Peru, you can try and experience many new things. Food, drinks, cultures, and traditions that make this place unique among all the others. The different tours in Peru will make this almost mandatory. There is no destination where there is not something to try or experience. Attractions, meals, and drinks will give you a new perspective.


peru travel tips see the landscapes

One of the most incredible things about Peru is its great geographic diversity. Within Peru, you will find deserts, cloud forests, jungles, snowy peaks, and much more. Wherever you go, you will find views and landscapes that deserve to be seen. A great example and one of the biggest attractions is Machu Picchu. Where you can not only witness an engineering marvel, you can also witness the best views of the Andean mountains.


peru travel tips peruvian lifestyle

If you come from a big city, you can notice that the lifestyle is quite different than in other places in the world. Things are usually taken more calmly as you move away from cities to towns, you will notice how things are slow-paced. The exception to the rule may be Lima, but as you go to the interior of the country you will be able to notice this. Also, social classes are usually very marked and there is usually no distinguished middle class. The neighborhoods and districts are usually for wealthy or humbler people. This is one of the Peru Travel Tips that you have to take into account when exploring Peruvian cities.


We hope that these tips have been helpful for your next visit to the Andean country. Together with Gay Peru Travel, we want to make your stay and trip the most comfortable of all. Do not forget to consult our advisors in case you have any questions.

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