lima city tour
Lima City, Travel Tips in Peru

Lima city tour

Lima is the international gateway to all of Peru, it is an unmissable stop for those travelers who plan to visit the Wonder of the World. But there are numerous reasons to take a few days inside the Peruvian capital. To be able to know Lima is to enter a combination of the ancient and modern world coexisting in perfect harmony. You can choose to relax in one of the most cosmopolitan settings in South America or take an incredible and busy Lima city tour. For this reason, together with the travel experts at Gay Peru Travel, we have thought of preparing a short article about the best things you can enjoy on a Lima city tour.

Greatest things to do and appreciate on a Lima city tour


lima city tour free walking tour

We believe that one of the best ways to get to know a city is through the eyes of a local. And within a free Lima city tour, you can begin to form an idea of ​​everything Lima is about. Within a free walking tour of Lima, you will have the possibility to experience the culture and history that shaped the city today. These tours usually start early in the morning at the same Tourist Information Center located in the Miraflores district. From there they will start the tour heading to the renowned Historic Center of Lima where some of the most famous buildings are located. The tour guide will explain in detail all the historical and cultural aspects of these buildings. Alternatively, you can experience some of our tours in Peru that choose to add some extra tours and well-known museums.


lima city tour traditional cuisine

When it comes to getting to know a city, not necessarily everything has to be oriented to guided tours of the different historical buildings. Knowing a city also consists of experiencing the great cuisine it offers, and Lima is one of the great gastronomic epicenters of Latin America. For this reason, no Lima city tour can be complete, without first trying some delicious traditional dishes. We believe that the gastronomic aspect of Peru may be enough to make your partner fall in love again. Therefore, we do not rule out within our romantic ideas that you invite your partner to an incredible dinner in one of the excellent gastronomic options around.


lima city tour barranco

If you want to escape for a while from the touristy and overloaded Miraflores, the laid-back district of Barranco is for you. In certain Lima city tours, the Barranco district is an obligatory stop where you can discover the artistic and jovial side of the capital. This entire district is filled with great historic architecture and an art scene in a constant state of flourishing. Even at night, it becomes the quintessential party district, where you can relax in the many alternative themed restaurants and bars. Barranco turns Lima into a potential romantic holiday destination where you can fall in love with your partner again.


lima city tour paragliding

If the view of the coast and the different Lima beaches are attractive enough for you, we have a better way to appreciate the view. Paragliding is not as extreme as it sounds, it is a quite relaxed experience. Despite the fact that you are a few meters from the ground, it is a completely safe activity and carried out by professionals in the area. It is one of the best ways to appreciate the view of the ocean and its magical sunsets. So if you think you are brave enough, you can’t miss the chance to get a bird’s eye view.


lima city tour museums

The Peruvian capital is not only one of the oldest cities in America, it is also home to different museums where you can learn about the great history of ancient civilizations. A visit to the Larco Museum, the Museum of the Nation, the MALI, and others will make your Lima city tour a much more interesting one. If you are looking to begin to know the history of Peru and better understand the culture that surrounds it, the Museum of the Nation is one of the best options. It is one of its largest museums and has a large collection of historical objects along with replicas of some of the most important archaeological complexes. In our Peru travel tips, we always recommend a guided visit to the main museums of every Peruvian destination. This will give you a better idea of ​​the sites around you.


lima city tour best season

The best time to experience a Lima city tour is during the Peruvian summer, between December and April. During the summer, the city is sunny and with relatively high temperatures. Summer is perfect for exploring the many parks, beaches, and even the different historical districts. Even ceviche, one of the best Lima dishes, is best enjoyed during the summer. This does not mean that all the other seasons are not good, Lima can be enjoyed throughout the year. But if you are looking to undertake a couple vacations, the summer can meet your expectations.


We hope together with the colleagues of Gay Peru Travel to have been able to help you a little. Remember that this is just a glimpse of everything you can do in the Peruvian capital. If you are looking to learn more about any of our itineraries and guided tours of the city, you can consult with our qualified advisors.

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