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The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Lima

Although the capital of the Andean country is one of the largest tourist centers, it also has different beaches around the city to enjoy. If you want to be able to enjoy great beaches and high-quality waves, then Lima is your place of choice. Normally the best beaches are not usually in the same city, but in its surroundings and very close. For this reason, together with Gay Peru Travel, we want to tell you a little about the different Lima beaches that you can find. You can enjoy not only the beautiful capital of Peru but also its privileged coast full of great waves to enjoy.


  1. Cerro Azul
  2. Punta Hermosa
  3. Paracas
  4. Asia
  5. Pucusana
  6. El Silencio
  7. Señoritas
  8. Santa Maria


lima beaches cerro azul

One of the best Lima beaches to enjoy is Cerro Azul. it is a bit far because it is about two and a half hours from the city. But it’s still worth the time it takes to get there, especially if you’re looking for quality waves. On the beach, there is a beautiful pier where locals often catch their fish daily. Right next to the pier you can find the great and beautiful crescent-shaped beach with numerous sales stalls where you can find beers, cold fish, and other snacks to enjoy the beautiful weather and waves. The small town nearby still retains a small-town essence, so you may not find many services available in larger cities. Relax with your partner in one of the most romantic holiday destinations.


lima beaches punta hermosa

Another of the incredible Lima beaches to visit and enjoy is Punta Hermosa, one of the best options for weekend getaways. It is located just one hour from Lima, it is one of its closest and most beautiful beaches in Lima. Nearby, there are usually expensive hotels and other much cheaper hostel options. If you are looking for comfortable and luxurious options in the same package, this beach is for you. It is an excellent place to surf and enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the warm waters. It is usually one of Lima’s favorite options, so you will find many options to enjoy.


lima beaches paracas

Thanks to the unparalleled beauty of its beaches and surrounding landscapes, Paracas is usually a destination on numerous tours in Peru. With one of the most attractive coasts to appreciate, full of cliffs and different wildlife. It is one of the most beautiful beaches that boasts the great Peruvian coast. You will find an atmosphere of endless relaxation and tranquility that the other beaches in Lima do not usually offer. You can also enjoy numerous activities such as a tour to the Ballestas Islands or different bicycle tours through the Paracas National Reserve. To fully appreciate the place, it is convenient to spend 2 days or more. Do not miss one of the hidden gems of Peru and dare to enjoy everything it has to give.


lima beaches asia

Within the many Lima beaches, Asia is usually a meeting place for the wealthy people of Lima. Asia is one of the beaches that has had the most investments in terms of accommodation, apartments, discos, and one of the largest shopping centers in the Andean country. Along with the beaches of San Antonio, they form two of its most popular beaches and crowded by high-class Lima residents.


lima beaches pucusana

The small fishing town of Pucusana has numerous and delicious ceviche restaurants, as well as one of the most popular Lima beaches. This beautiful beach is hidden among the dense fog that Lima usually occupies throughout the year. But it is one of its best alternatives in front of the rocky beaches that usually exist within the city.


lima beaches el silencio

Within Lima city, El Silencio beach gradually became one of its most popular and popular getaway beaches. Despite its name, this beach is not silent at all, it is full of life and tourists who want to enjoy beautiful sands and beautiful views. Even its waters are not silent, there are usually quite large waves, making it impossible to swim calmly in its waters. It is located just before reaching Asia, so if you want to avoid high and exclusive prices, this is your beach. In the summer months, you will find the beach quite lively, with clubs and restaurants around it that fill up very quickly.


lima beaches senoritas

Señoritas beach is located very close to Playa de Caballeros and Punta Hermosa, about 25 kilometers (40 miles) from the city of Lima. It is very popular with those who love water sports, especially surfers looking for waves to ride. It is not necessarily one of the best tourist attractions in Lima, but it is one of the best surfing beaches.


lima beaches santa maria

Another of the beautiful Lima beaches full of summer houses to enjoy. It is located about 50 kilometers south of Miraflores and is usually a great option to enjoy with the whole family. It has numerous restaurants with beautiful views of the ocean and also calms waters to enjoy swimming in them. If you want to include this beach on a tour in Lima, you can speak with our advisors or any agency/tour operator.


We hope together with Gay Peru Travel to have guided you in some of the best known and most beautiful beaches around Lima. All have their special touch and are excellent to enjoy during the Lima summer. If you have any kind of query, you can ask our qualified advisors to inform you a little more about the many beaches you can find.

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