Cusco City, Iquitos, Tambopata Jungle

Visiting the Amazon from Cusco

The Imperial City is usually a tourist destination associated with the Peruvian Andes and the Wonder of the World, but it is really close to the well-known Peruvian Amazon. You can enjoy the main tourist attractions of Cusco and still be able to experience the different attractions that the Amazon hides. You can travel to the Amazon from Cusco by plane, bus, or private transportation, all highly viable and relatively fast options. You can access the different regions of the jungle easily and take advantage of these two unique destinations that the Andean country boasts. That is why together with Gay Peru Travel we have thought a small article on how to enjoy a trip from Cusco to Amazon and taking advantage of each attraction in your path.


    • Iquitos
    • Pacaya Samiria National ReserveNORTHERN AMAZON
    • Manu National Park
    • Tambopata National Reserve
    • Puerto Maldonado


Cusco to amazon northern jungle

Cusco is connected to the northern Amazon by a short and fast flight to the beautiful city of Iquitos. So after enjoying the many things to see in Cusco, you can enjoy even more your stay in the Andean country, visiting some destinations in the jungle. Although the north is usually the furthest point from the Peruvian jungle, it is also the gateway to many attractions within the Amazon. Being a short flight away, many operators and agencies often offer tours from Cusco to Amazon, making it much easier than you think. All flights operate generally throughout the year and the flight time is around 2.5 hours. Although there are also flight options from Lima, these usually last longer.

Iquitos: Iquitos is usually one of the main romantic holiday destinations to enjoy with your partner. It is one of the largest cities inaccessible by land, you can only reach it through a boat or plane trip. You will be able to enjoy one of the largest cities within the jungle and one of the most lively sectors and with countless things to enjoy.

Cusco to amazon iquitos

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: The reserve has one of the largest protected flooded forests in the world. It is the largest reserve in all of Peru and is located about 308 kilometers from the nearby city of Iquitos. The entire place occupies more than 20,000 square kilometers and is home to one of the largest biodiversity in the Amazon. Some lavish companies often offer amazing cruise tours through the magical flooded forest. One of the best tour options in a Cusco to Amazon tour.


Cusco to amazon central jungle

The central Amazon is one of the main regions that a Cusco to Amazon tour usually visits. Most of the tourists who come from the Imperial City want to visit this region for its greater relevance and attractions to visit such as the Manu National Park. In general, to visit these incredible places, it is necessary to have a few days available because the tours are usually guided and because of the remoteness of these places.

Cusco to amazon manu national park

Manu National Park: This beautiful and surprising park is located in the Madre de Dios region and is one of the most amazing places to observe wildlife. If you are looking to enjoy a Cusco Amazon tour, be sure to visit the Park. The Park covers an area of ​​17,163 square kilometers (6,626 square miles) and boasts one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with countless species to discover.


Cusco to amazon southern jungle

The southern jungle is very close to Cusco, even being able to access it from the route. You will only find one key access point within the southern Amazon, Puerto Maldonado. You can enjoy a jungle city very close to the borders of Bolivia, between the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. Most of the Cusco to Amazon tours usually go to this entry point to experience the Peruvian Amazon.

Puerto Maldonado: This small city within the Amazon is the capital of the Madre de Dios region. This city is not as big as Iquitos, so you won’t need long trips inside the jungle to start appreciating the different wildlife. It can be an excellent destination for a getaway or a couple vacations. An excellent gateway to enjoy ecological tourism.

Cusco to amazon tambopata national reserve

Tambopata National Reserve: If you are looking to explore the Amazon Rainforest comfortably, then the Reserve is a perfect destination for you. This Reserve is very close to the city of Puerto Maldonado, so it is not necessary to make long boat trips to enjoy this destination. At the same time, it is quite close to the Manu Park, so its biodiversity levels do not vary much. You will find excellent lodgings near the Reserve where you can enjoy a natural and peaceful experience.


As you can see, within a tour from Cusco to the Amazon it is very feasible, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds and get to know the great geographic diversity of Peru. We hope together with Gay Peru Travel to have been of help for your next visit to the Andean country. You can consult our advisors with any questions you have.

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