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Most beautiful buildings in Arequipa city

Among all the Peruvian destinations to visit and tour, Arequipa is one of the best. The well-known «White City» is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Peru. Although its architecture is not compared to any city in Peru, its charm is found everywhere. But it cannot be denied that Arequipa’s buildings are unique. That is why together with the travel experts of Gay Peru Travel we set out to put together a list of the most important buildings in the city. Get to know some of the most historic and illustrious buildings in Arequipa!

The most illustrious and historical buildings in Arequipa that you cannot miss visiting


iglesia de la compañia de jesus within the buildings in arequipa

The Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesus is one of the oldest buildings in Arequipa. This monumental construction was made of ashlar and is one of the oldest testimonies of this architectural technique. Its construction began in 1595 to finish in 1698. The Church has intricately carved details in a Baroque style. One of the best buildings in Arequipa to appreciate. Despite being next to the Plaza de Armas, it is a building that usually goes unnoticed. Arequipa is one of the best cities to visit in Peru, don’t miss out on its wonderful buildings and culture.


la mansion del fundador within the buildings in arequipa

This beautiful building in Arequipa was owned by the same founder of Arequipa. During the 16th century, it belonged to a congregation of Jesuits who built different enclosures, chapels, and terraces in the city. The building has a main entrance that leads to a surprising lobby. There is also a gazebo with panoramic views and a beautiful private chapel. You can tour the interior and appreciate the different artifacts that survived as time passed. If you are on a private tour in Peru, make sure to stop by the mansion.


casa del moral within the buildings in arequipa
casa del moral within the buildings in Arequipa

This beautiful mansion is one of the most amazing architectural monuments of the Baroque. The name is due to the fact that an ancient blackberry tree grows inside the main courtyard. Inside you can see furniture from the colonial era and beautiful collections of works of art. The building is exhibited as a kind of living museum and is available to everyone. Whether you are touring the city alone or within one of the tours in Peru, you cannot miss this site.


la catedral within the buildings in arequipa

The Cathedral is one of the most impressive and wonderful buildings in Arequipa. This building occupies an entire block and towers over all the other buildings. Only the El Misti volcano manages to overshadow its height in the distance. It is recognized for being one of the greatest cathedrals in Peru and one of the most important religious buildings in Arequipa. Its doors are open to all the public and you can visit its beautifully decorated interiors as well as enjoy the different services.


monasterio de santa catalina within the buildings in arequipa

Another of the buildings in Arequipa that you cannot miss on your tour of the city. This monastery guarded by high walls is considered as a small city within another. It has an area that occupies about twenty thousand square meters. It was built as a cloistered facility to house the daughters of upper-class families. Inside you will be able to appreciate the beautiful colorful streets and the different flowers and plants that decorate the convent.


plaza de armas within the buildings in arequipa

Arequipa’s Plaza de Armas is considered one of the most majestic and impressive squares in all of Peru. In its center, you can make out a fountain with the figure of a soldier. Around it are some of the best and oldest buildings in Arequipa. The Plaza has details made of volcanic ashlar and has been rebuilt over time. One of the most captivating details are its arches that frame the square and its colorful gardens. Don’t worry about the Peru trip cost, because this attraction is free.


This particular viewpoint was built during the nineteenth century and is made up of a series of arches built in ashlar. In the different arches, you can distinguish engraved words of famous Arequipa citizens. This wonderful viewpoint offers some incredible views of the Misti volcano and the city. The viewpoint can be an excellent stop within a trip for couples. 


templo de san francisco within the buildings in arequipa

The Temple of San Francisco is another of the buildings in Arequipa that you cannot miss. It was built between 1570 and 1600 with a clear Renaissance style. The finishes and architectural details reflect a truly colossal work. This temple is characterized by its ashlar walls and its domed sanctuary. In addition to visiting one of the best Peru destinations, don’t forget to visit this particular temple.


As you can see, within Arequipa there are numerous buildings with historical importance. Some of these are quite a sight to behold and an important part of the city’s culture. We believe that for a comprehensive tour of the city, a tour of these important sites is a must. If you want to know more about our guided tours of the city, do not hesitate to consult with our advisors. Together with the Gay Peru Travel experts, we will be waiting for your visit to the Andean country!

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