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15 Best Cities to Visit in Peru

Peru is a tourist country wherever you want to see it from. And how not to be? It has a large number of historical sites, a colonial architecture that can still be appreciated, world-class cuisine, and the most varied natural environments. No matter where you are, you will be able to appreciate these aspects in any city you visit, that is why together with Gay Peru Travel we have decided to write about the 15 best cities to visit in Peru. So you have a repertoire of places to visit and know where you are standing. All these cities have their unique and personal touch that makes them incredible places to stay, get to know the nightlife, eat, and much more.


  1. LIMA
  2. CUSCO
  5. PUNO
  7. ICA
  10. NAZCA


best cities to visit in peru lima

The capital of the Andean country, also known as the «City of Kings» is one of the most complete cities in terms of architectural styles, gastronomy, history, and other attractions. At first glance, it may not seem this way because it is usually a very bustling and money-oriented city, but in places like its Historic Center, it still retains its original essence to witness. You can find a large number of bars, discos, restaurants, and attractions to entertain you. One of the best cities to visit in Peru without a doubt.


best cities to visit in peru cusco

The archaeological capital of the South American continent, also known as The Imperial City, because it was the capital of the ancient Inca Empire. Cusco is a must-see for those who want to visit Peru, made up of narrow streets, famous churches and cathedrals, archaeological sites, and much more. It is located very high, so we recommend you see our Peru travel tips before traveling. In the same way, you can experience historical and cultural wealth. Around it, you can find numerous places to explore and even the famous Wonder of the World.


best cities to visit in peru ayacucho

Located in the high Andes, the area surrounding Ayacucho was inhabited for 20,000 years. Therefore, you can enjoy a large number of archaeological sites hidden among the mountains that surround the beautiful city. Its beautiful churches, charming streets, colonial facades, and continuous festivities will prove that it is one of the best cities to visit in Peru. Formerly, it was the seat of a revolutionary movement that tried to overthrow the government, but today it enjoys its great culture and tradition that are reflected in its premises and buildings.


best cities to visit in peru arequipa

Arequipa is surrounded by a chain of volcanoes among which is El Misti. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru. One of the most notable things is its particular and colonial architecture. It is also known by the name of «White City» because the oldest and most historic buildings were built with white volcanic stone. You will be able to enjoy first-class culinary options, exclusive hotels, and resorts, and other wonderful attractions.


best cities to visit in peru puno

Puno is not like the other cities, there are usually no colonial buildings or historical sites surrounding the place, but you will find many things to see. It is located between Cusco and La Paz, many people go to Puno due to its proximity to Lake Titicaca. You will find a rich cultural heritage in the people, its bars, its places, and hotels.


best cities to visit in peru iquitos

Another of the best cities to visit in Peru, Iquitos, is unreachable by road or land. The only way to get there is by boat or plane; despite this, it is one of the largest cities in the Amazon. It is located on the Amazon River where you can make several excursions by boat or cruise. This city is very alive, where the old and the modern meet harmoniously. Modern bars, mansions, mud houses, bustling markets, and much more.


best cities to visit in peru ica

Within our many tours in Peru, you can surely enjoy the capital of wine. It is wonderful to think that, despite being surrounded by desert, the city of Ica is home to the best wines and crops in the country. It is a quite bustling place and full of life, you can enjoy beautiful colonial churches and other buildings. From here, you can visit Huacachina and enjoy the many activities around it.


best cities to visit in peru trujillo

One of the best aspects of Trujillo is that it is located very close to the Ocean. One of the best cities in Peru to enjoy the beach, good seafood, and attractions like Chan Chan. It has colonial facades, old churches, good restaurants, and very warm people.


best cities to visit in peru huaraz

If you are a lover of nature and the outdoors, then this place is for you. The great attraction of Huaraz is the many activities that you can enjoy outdoors, such as trekking, climbing, kayaking, and much more. The desert and the landscapes that surround the city will remain in your memories. Still, this place has lively bars and restaurants to enjoy.


best cities to visit in peru nazca lines

One of the best Peru destinations to enjoy as a couple or alone. The small town of Nazca serves almost exclusively those tourists with interests in seeing the «Nazca Lines». These dates from around 450 AD and are giant engravings that do not have a specific explanation but several theories surround them. Apart from this, the town has a museum and other interesting archaeological sites to learn about the Nazca culture.


best cities to visit in peru cajamarca

Cajamarca is a beautiful city with one of the best colonial architectures to appreciate along with a beautiful landscape of mountains that surround it. It is a picturesque city with captivating mansions and baroque churches that surround the old streets. Still, the city retains a certain rural atmosphere, but you can find restaurants, boutiques, and other attractions to entertain you.


best cities to visit in peru chiclayo

Chiclayo is one of the best cities to visit in Peru due to its great and favorable location between several commercial routes. Today, it is a mercantile city in constant urban expansion. It has a few tourist attractions but not less important; despite that, it is a very lively city that is worth visiting. It has delicious restaurants, amazing markets, and much more.


best cities to visit in peru huancayo

Located in high Peruvian lands, Huancayo is a great commercial point in the area. It is a very lively place, with an active nightlife, many restaurants with typical local food, excellent markets, and much more. It does not usually have many historical attractions or architectural sites, but, due to its picturesque style, it is worth a visit to enjoy pleasant walks, delicious food, and festivities.


best cities to visit in peru tarapoto

This city is located on the periphery of the jungle. Tarapoto is one of the best points to go and explore the many natural attractions that you will find in the surroundings. Not only will you be surrounded by a natural spectacle, but you will also be able to enjoy quality restaurants and markets. If you want, you can explore the jungle with its many waterfalls, hiking trails, lagoons, and the nearby river. Within some private tours in Peru, you will have the possibility to explore this city.


best cities to visit in peru huanchaco

This beautiful city was previously a fishing village, which, due to development and tourism projects, has become a busy point in recent times. It has a wide spectrum of restaurants and accommodation options where you can enjoy a good time. Despite its rapid growth, it still retains the essence of a small town. Its beautiful beach and its relaxed atmosphere make this place one of the best cities to visit in Peru. Many also stay to visit surrounding attractions such as Chan Chan.


We hope together with Gay Peru Travel to have informed you a little about the most important cities in this outstanding country. They all have their charm and something special because to visit them. If you have any questions or requests, you can contact our advisers who will help you with everything you need.

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