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The 5 Best Beaches in Paracas

The extensive coastal region of Paracas is one of the essential destinations for those travelers looking to discover the natural gems of South America. This incredible place is the gateway to the different tours of the beautiful Ballestas Islands, many times considered the Poor Man’s Galapagos thanks to their incredible similarity. But its Islands are not the only landscapes to appreciate, because fortunately within the Reserve you can find numerous beaches. And together with the colleagues of Gay Peru Travel, we would like to tell you a little about the best beaches in Paracas. So that during your next visit, you can experience some of the best beaches in all of Peru.

The top 5 beaches in Paracas to enjoy an unparalleled vacation


beaches in paracas la mina

This popular attraction in the Paracas National Wildlife Refuge strikes a good balance between picturesque isolation and public use. The beach is surrounded by a small bay that protects it from wind and hides it from above. La Mina is popular with local families and tourists and is generally considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Paracas. La Mina is surrounded by desert, and the blue waters make it one of the most unique beaches in the world. Some vendors sell food and drinks and have bathrooms in the parking lot. Even if the area is very windy, the bay that protects La Mina can also keep out the wind, allowing you more time to tan. We believe that the beautiful beaches that you can find in Paracas Reserve are not compared to the different Lima beaches, therefore you cannot miss visiting them.


beaches in paracas playa roja

Although La Mina attracts all those who go to the beach and sun-worshippers, there is no doubt that La Playa Roja is the most photographed beach in Paracas. The Pacific Ocean extends along the Peruvian desert, and between that great union is born one of the most incredible beaches of Paracas. As the name suggests, the sand at Red Beach is a deep red earthy color, which contrasts sharply with the surrounding yellow desert cliffs. Although you won’t get too many people sunbathing in Playa Roja, this is one of the most photogenic beaches you have ever seen. When you visit this beach in Paracas, be sure to stop here to capture some otherworldly photos. You will not have to look for new romantic ideas, this site is all you need to make your partner fall in love.


beaches in paracas el raspon

Like other beaches in the area, you’ll find sparkling blue waters colliding into the Peruvian desert. This beach is a popular destination for people who wander on the beach all day. If La Mina is too crowded, this beach is a good alternative. Adjacent to the more popular La Mina Beach, El Raspon provides a quiet and less crowded place to enjoy some extraordinary views. You will need to climb a few steps to get there, but it’s part of what makes this beach feel remote. El Raspon is a magnificent beach in Paracas where you can visit and relax with friends for an afternoon. Don’t worry about the Peru trip cost, spending an afternoon in this place is free!


beaches in paracas yumaque

This scenic beach in Paracas is a popular place for locals to meet and enjoy the ocean. The temperature of the water is very attractive, making Yumaque a good place for swimming in a relatively quiet environment. The beach is not far from Lagunillas town, where you can taste some delicious local seafood or pisco cocktails. In this area, long beaches and many beautiful sceneries abound. At low tide, you can find some tidal pools and glimpse the rich marine life of the area. It is protected by the bay and it has plenty of space to park cars or set up some tents. An incredible destination where you can enjoy some tours in Peru.


beaches in paracas el chaco

It’s hard to believe that only one reserve can have so many beaches, but the Paracas reserve is indeed diverse. This is the main place to stay in the Paracas area, attracting people from all over the world. Within El Chaco, you can take a 2 to 3 hour Paracas tour, stopping at all major beaches. Although the beach in El Chaco is not as eye-catching as other beaches, it can also be interesting. You will find vendors strolling on the boardwalk, musicians performing, and numerous restaurants where you can drink beer and eat fresh seafood. After doing this, just enjoy the sun on the crowded beach. Within our private tours in Peru, you will be able to enjoy this like many other beaches in Paracas.


beaches in paracas other attractions nazca lines

Fortunately, beaches are not the only things that abound in the Paracas region. As high-speed winds roar in the Paracas area, this is an ideal place for kitesurfing, especially from September to April, when the wind is always high. There are several kitesurfing schools in El Chaco, which provides not only for beginners who need classes but also for more advanced boarders who want to rent equipment. You can also enjoy other activities like Paragliding. Paragliding in Paracas could be a great activity for thrill-seekers and a great opportunity to see this beautiful place from another angle. And if none of this is enough, very close to Paracas there are numerous other attractions of Peru. You can combine this incredible destination and visit the Nazca lines.


We hope together with the travel experts at Gay Peru Travel to have been helpful, remember that these are just some of the most popular examples. But the truth is that the Paracas region is full of beautiful beaches where you can photograph epic sunsets. If you want more information about our tours of this amazing Reserve, do not hesitate to ask our qualified advisers.

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